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On Trend Marketing.Co is a data-driven SEO company that leverages performance data, competitor research, and years of experience to create Brisbane SEO strategies that facilitate growth. In simple terms, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know how to generate meaningful website traffic.


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Are you ready to be #1 on google and outrank your competitors?

Grow your business online with science based SEO strategies.

  • Custom designed SEO campaigns for your business.

  • Simple monthly ranking reports to track how your website is performing.

  • Safe, ethical, transparent SEO to boost your website higher in Google.

Out Rank Your Competition With

Smart & Strategic SEO Strategies 

Case Study.

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 3.34.23 pm.png

Hair Beauty Ink is a national recognised beauty and hair wholesalers who deal B2B with hairdressers and B2C with hair and beauty enthusiasts. Hair Beauty Ink had an established in store business and steady customer stream inside their locations however online sales and traffic were low.

Hair Beauty Ink decided to work with established SEO and traffic experts On Trend Marketing.Co to broaden their reach and establish their brand into new and emerging markets.

Within 12 months we delivered


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Organic Search


Increase in Sales




On Trend Marketing.Co has developed a strong and effective SEO strategy that will drive highly motivated leads and customers to your business.

We are experts in the following methods:

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Analysis Reporting

  • SEO Content Creation

  • On Page Optimisation 

  • Link Building

  • Image ALT Text Improvements

  • Content Strategies

  • Reporting & Tracking

  • Customer Feedback

  • Heat Maps & Analysing 



We combine proven methodology with cutting-edge technology and passionate Brisbane search engine optimisation experts. We don’t hide behind account managers, impossible traffic projections or theoretical improvements. We deal in facts, figures, and delivering a return on your investment. We are motivated by helping businesses to reach new heights.

Working with On Trend Marketing.Co SEO Brisbane means that you will get all of the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without, without the pitfalls and responsibility of a dedicated in-house team.


We can work independently or collaboratively with your team and your business to set goals and implement organic digital marketing initiatives. Each step of our strategy is backed by time-tested data, sorted, and implemented to benefit your business.

Everything that we do is geared towards growing your business and your bottom line.


We are an ROI driven Brisbane SEO agency. Our digital strategy is centred around, finding out how your target market researches your product or service offering.


Once we know, we can put your business in front of them at the right moment.

Our Methods

On Trend Marketing.Co Brisbane SEO Experts 


Initial Website Audit

Each Brisbane SEO campaign starts with an in-depth review of your site.


We review where you are now, existing content, identify gaps, and create a scalable site architecture.


On Page Optimisation

Around 50% of your SEO success is determined by on-page factors. We take steps to improve onsite SEO including load speed, metadata, internal linking, and site architecture.


Keyword Research

We use the best SEO keyword research tools to assess which keywords are most important for your business. Keyword selection is driven by ROI – not just traffic.


Content Creation

Once we’ve defined your competition and target keywords, it’s time to get to work. Quality content is added and new pages are added in order to improve your SERP visibility.


Initial Website Audit

Keep your friends close and your competition closer.


The goal is to get a panoramic view of what you’re up against and how you can get to where you want to be.


Reporting & Tracking

We’re motivate by your ROI. We’ll deliver monthly reports that track your keyword rankings, organic visibility, website analytics, and optimise your site accordingly.